Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Themes - Think "Green"

There are so many theme ideas for Springtime that are beautiful. Here is one that may be a little different than you might typically think for Spring... a "green theme" with natural colors and textures. I recently participated in our area Presbyterian Women's Dinner and Event and decided to decorate our table using this theme.

* use "natural elements and colors. Spring doesn't have to mean pastels!
* turn placemats on a diagonal
* Has anyone heard me say height is important to creating a beautiful table... hmmm... Hurricane on top of cakestand and used it as a vase for "natural seasonal centerpiece" - pussywillow.
* be creative with napkin rings. Here we were giving each guest a gift. I chose a cross that incorporated my natural theme with iron and stonelike cross.
* add "sparkle" with touch that reflect theme. Here I chose moss, river rock, birdsnests, and vine balls.
* tuck battery operated candles under moss in votives... again lighting created ambiance!

Let me know what you think...

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