Monday, March 22, 2010

Creating a Warm and Welcoming Home

The most common remark I hear after the holidays is that after the decorations come down, the home looks stark, boring, and down right cold! No one wants to welcome family and friends into their home feeling this way! Most women strive to create a warm haven for their loved ones. Well, there is hope! And it doesn't require a second mortgage!! You may even have some of these items around your home!

Let's take your mantel. It is usually a focal point in your home, right? And don't you love memories created sitting by the fire with your family? But where do you start in making this empty space look inviting and warm? Simple...

First, decide on a color palette or theme. Look at other colors in the room, say your rug or fabrics. Take a trip to your local craft store. I LOVE Hobby Lobby and they often offer floral stems 50% off... if not visit their website for 40% off coupons! Take pictures of you rugs, fabric, as well as paint chips from your wall colors. Then take a walk down the floral isles... Remember the three key elements to any decorating project... (height, texture, and color in case you have not been to my parties or workshops!) Find some branches that offer the height you want in the back... green, leafy branches are perfect. Maybe add some brown, earthy tones with some branches... curly willow is a great choice! Then add some varying shades of your dominant color... for this example I used reds and oranges (the color from my rug and throw pillows). I always buy stems in odd numbers to mimic nature. Then grab a vase or container of some sort. I chose the hand glazed cache pot.Next add balance to either side of the floral with sconces. Then flank each side of the floral with varying heights of candlesticks, lanterns, and hurricanes. To me nothing warms a home like candlelight! Now we even have safer option of battery operated candles... even comes with timers so they come on every night!!

Now the final "sprinkling" of personal touches... add some personal items that reflect something special about you and your family... a plate that was your Grandmothers, your grandfather's books, a metal cross, even pictures of your family in decorative frames. I also used a Luminary Chapel from our newest catalog! LOVE this item!!

Now you want to "complete the look" so don't stop at the mantel. A fireplace screen can be that final accessory that makes an outfit! Next add a bucket to house your firewood or ferns in the spring and summer!

Now you are ready to have your friends over for a relaxing and enjoyable night, knowing they will feel welcome, loved and special!

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