Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family + Memories = HOME

Spring is when I miss the South the most! I LOVE Chicago, but the winters are long, windy, and often downright cold!! I long for dogwoods, azaleas, as my Granny calls them, "buttercups", or daffodils. But boy do I treasure Spring Break every year, as it means "going home" to visit my roots at our farm in Tennessee. For five generations this farm has been the very essence of what family means to us... being close to God, nature, and creating memories! This is where I discovered the meaning of HOME! It was nothing fancy, just place that made my heart warm and where I felt safe and happy! I laugh as I recall memories of the rooster chasing my sister and pecking her or the time our horse, Dolly, stepped into swarm of bees and went crazy bucking and Bridget screaming (almost in delight)! Oh, and my precious great-granddaddy who taught me a passion for sweet potatoes. I'll never forget and a dear grandmother whose heart is bigger than any other I've ever known! HOME!! It's where memories are created and treasured... Today we have to embrace our havens and enjoy the happiness and comfort "home" brings to us.

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