Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inspiration is Everywhere

Inspiration for decorating (or life for that matter) is everywhere. Take today for instance. I was walking Duke along the lake in our neighborhood and was overcome with a sense of awe at the beauty surrounding us - the water, birds, blue sky, and this gorgeous willow tree.As I walked home, I was so inspired, that my mind began to race with excitement about creating a special floral arrangement for my friend Erin's Baby Shower this weekend. She is a very hip chick so, I wanted to reflect that same spirit in her arrangement! I also knew my budget was slim (whose isn't these days?) With that in mind, I wanted to use elements from my own garden and yard and since she is having a boy, browns,greens,and creams were a perfect choice! Then, as I approach my house, I am instantly drawn to my front garden and have a plan! My new friend, Annie, had just taught me how to create a gorgeous centerpiece using a simple cream urn. How perfect is the fleur de lis embossed on this rich, creamy pottery urn? I knew Erin, my hip, mommy-to-be would love it!After a big glass of water, Duke and I headed outside to the back yard to begin playing with our flowers (well Duke napped in the shade)!First, I recycled the floral oasis Annie had shared with me. Then I created a "collar" around the top of the urn with hosta leaves... I chose these hostas for their varigated color.
Then I added a row of this fun shrub... not even sure what it's called, but love it! It brought a sense of whimsy just like Erin does when she enters a room! I loved these fun chartreuse and brown clusters of texture!
Next, I added stems of hydrangea flowers, giving the arrangement a feminine, vintage feel. The newest trend in decorating is mixing vintage with modern... did you know that? You should have a party with me, so I can share more tips with your friends!
For the height, I decided to go with the leggy stalks from the hosta plants. They seemed to be that masculine punch I was looking for... even though the flowers had already done their thing, it was a nice touch.I thought I was done when I started back into the house, I walked past my fern and decided why not add some fern? What do you think? Do you like it better with the fern or without? Remember, this is a special arrangement so I need some feedback!
All in all, I think it looks okay. Annie, did I make you proud?! Thanks, my friend, for the lesson, letting my borrow your urn, and for our new friendship! It's what I love most about our business!

Now go my friends, look for inspiration in everyday things. Decorating doesn't have to be expensive. It can actually be free!

Stayed tuned for more pictures from the shower! And Erin, you better not have that baby until after the shindig!p.s. Isn't Duke cute? This is his idea of "exercise"... no wonder he's so "fluffy" and me too!

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