Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aspen's Cream Corn

Yummo as Rachel Ray would say! Nothing healthy about this recipe, but every time I make it, I'm asked for the recipe... Thanks to my waiter in Atlanta Aspen's restaurant who shared the recipe with me prior to our move! 
3 Ears of yellow corn cooked or grilled & cut off the cob
3 Ears of cream corn cooked or grilled & cut off the cob
1 clove of garlic - minced
1 shallot - chopped fine
3 strips cooked bacon
1 jalapeno pepper - chopped fine
salt n pepper
1/2 stick of butter
Heavy cream

I adjusted the recipe some by dicing cold bacon and cooking it then reserving some of the drippings (for chicken and dumplings later), remove bacon, then in the same pan, melt butter, saute garlic, shallot, and pepper. Add bacon and corn and heat. Add heavy cream S&P to taste. Serve in my Taste of Home Entertaining Soup Tureen that has already been warmed in the oven. The golden color of the corn looks scrumptious in the chocolate colored dish! ENJOY!

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  1. Love your blog Michelle! I have been working on creating one (in my head) and it is time to get it done! Thanks for inspiring me!!! So great to see you on the cruise.
    See you soon!


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