Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Garden Party

Springtime in Chicago seems to be a slow time coming this year. We have had nearly a full week of rain and cold weather, but I created my own Springtime with a Garden Party! 

I started with a burlap runner that I bought on clearance at Target, but making your own runner from a piece of burlap is super easy! Here is a wonderful tutorial on "how to make your own burlap runner" from a great blog, The Well Crafted Home. You will love this blog for many reasons. I then used some holiday greenery that I use almost year-round for color and texture.

 Then I started building various levels for my party items. First, I added this awesome piece, my At Home 2- tier basket that I find a great value because I use it for everything and in any room.

Great for fruit or veggies for everyday use, or in a bathroom with towels, soaps, and sponges. I even did a Easter Bunny arrangement in it this March...

 For today, it will hold my plates, napkins, cups all made with recycled product of course! Moss is one of my favorite items I re-use over and over! A little touch can make a big difference. I added a few moss covered balls that I made myself - tutorial on my pinterest page.

Next I added a touch of mood lighting - candles inside various lanterns...

Tuck in a few little touches of whimsey that reflect the theme.

 And for the POP of color, you can be creative, use real orchids or affordable flowers from the local grocery store, or choose one of our fabulous silk florals that you can have forever...

 And who can resist this beauty? 
These cute little cupcakes I got at Target, added my own frosting embellishment, and topped with a gummy butterfly! SIMPLE!

And as for the food... that's another post for another day! Hope you enjoy hosting your friends for a little Garden Party. And hopefully where you live is warm and sunny!! If not, create your own spring indoors.
Happily At Home,

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